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Why Chose VANA?

It is better to be closer to nature, it's cures are remarkable. Also know that your skin is porous and that it absorbs whatever it comes in contact with. Chronic use of chemical laden products will cause the body to store the chemicals in the body and/or even in the brain. With enough accumulations of toxins, illness can occur. Be Natural, One with VANA.

Are VANA Products 100% Natural?

While the majority of VANA products are 100% Natural, there remain some those are not. The reason is sustainence, the reason is preservation. True to VANA standards, such components are ONLY Quantity Sufficient, Safe and Approved, and even Paraben Free. VANA goes out a long way, for your wellness, to ensure that it offers you nothing below the best.

What makes VANA different?

VANA products are created and developed, keeping 'You' in mind. The bent is toward Nature and it's offerings- to instill the goodness available in Nature. VANA products are backed with years of research and study, resulting in a potent and wide array of VANA Signature Formulations. VANA speaks the language of Nature, and offers ONLY 'Safe Products'.

How would i know if a VANA product is suitable for me?

While VANA's entire collection is 'Safe & Skin Friendly', with the majority being 100% Natural, we still emphasize the principle of 'Know Your Skin'. You would be the best judge to know your medical and skin allergies. VANA products are made with the finest of ingredients, from Nature, and are safe for everyday use. Our practices are GMP Certified.

What is VANA's Order Policy?

Truly, VANA is for the passionate and serious shopper. Once a product is delivered to the customer, a 'No Exchange & Return' Policy applies. Please take the time to read all about your desired product on our store. The information provided is extensive and interesting, ranging from Benefits, to Description, to Ingredients as well as Usage Directions. 

What is VANA's order delivery time frame?

Typically anywhere between 1-7 working days, depending upon your destination and pincode accessibility. It remains our endeavour to have your purchase across to you in the shortest time frame possible, with the finest of logistic partners including Blue Dart and FedEx. However, you can also track the status of your order, on our store, via 'Track Order'.

For any further queries, please feel free to write to us at vana@saintpure.com. We shall be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for chosing VANA, Welcome Again!

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