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Oriental Skin Care

Fair, soft and smooth skin is a dream for many. A natural sheen and a smooth texture are a divine feeling and this feeling becomes more eternal when Mother Nature plays it's integral role. The Earth, her forests, mountains, rivers and valleys offer us much with open arms. It is upto us to contemplate her inheritance, her legacy and bestowals on us. Let's speak to Nature, Let's hear her conversations, Let's awaken to the spiritual bequest for a more Beautiful version 'Inside Out'. Experience Bliss with V A N A' S Forest Luxuries, pamper yourself the way Nature intends you to. This Oriental Face Scrub is a luxe 100% Natural concoction of Brown Rice, with traditions from the Orient. Rice is an important beautifying ingredient as for centuries, Asians have used it to beautify their face and body. Traditionally, female Rice farmers in China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries used to cleanse with Rice Paddy and Oils.


With this in mind, V A N A 'S Rice Scrub is truly ambrosial for the skin as it has the ability to lighten, tighten and caress with luster, while deep cleansing and exfoliating, when blended in V A N A 'S Signature formulation that includes Jojoba, Grape Seed, Lavender, Carrot Seed and other precious Oils. A 2002 study noted that Brown rice starch appears to help eczema and skin damage. The results further showed that rice starch did not change the amount of water loss in normal areas of skin, indicating that it does not cause the skin to dry out. Brown rice protein is also noted to be a natural mechanical exfoliant that helps the natural shedding process of skin and encourages healthier, smoother, more even-toned and clearer skin. It has the capability to fade dark area's and leave the skin dewy and soft.


~ The Importance of a Face Scrub ~

A lot of us have neglected the importance of a Face Scrub and never use it frequently, and of course, many of us have complaints like, "Why is my skin so rough?", "Why is my complexion so dull?" and the most common of all, "Why do I have so many blackheads?". A good skin care regime involves washing your face daily and keeping it moisturized. However, these are just the basics. Using a Face Scrub will really take your skin to the next level. It will help the skin look and feel healthy, by getting rid of dirt and giving a much brighter and radiant complexion. The outer layer which is most exposed, goes through a lot of abuse. Regular use of a scrub helps remove dead skin and brings new skin to the surface. The new layer is smoother and better looking. The texture, tightness, and long-term health of your skin is defined by how you take care of it.


~ Why VANA ? ~

VANA Luxuries are crated for your Wellness, with the purity of Nature being incorporated at every possible stage. VANA Face Scrubs are as safe as can be, as they do not contain Parabens that can cause serious illnesses. This Scrub is also Sulphate Free, not containing SLS and SLES, which are all detergents that may lead to itching and are also suspected as causes of Cancer.





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